AFL Commentary: Let the Game Speak for Itself

8 mins 4 yrs

The footy is back on and don’t we love it? The return of AFL to our TV sets, albeit in quieter stadiums, has been welcomed by most of us around the nation. The lack of fans at the footy has left a void into which the game’s commentators have volubly attempted to fill. This viewer is tired of being loudly lectured at by ex-players paid to become instant experts on strategy and everything else under the sun. I watch the game to enjoy the skills and contest on display. The players, generally, give their all in fierce performances on behalf of their teams. Sports commentators on Australian TV, and in the AFL in particular, seek to verbally fill every second with the sound of their own loud voices. I am sick of the incessant commentary and opinion giving, which is detracting from the spectacle of the game itself. AFL Commentary: Let the game speak for itself in the wonderful athletic performance of the players.

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