A Farewell Letter to Scott Morrison

The Liar in the Lodge

Dear Scott,

I thought that I should write one last time to you on the marking of your defeat and loss of office. A farewell letter to Scott Morrison on behalf of the nation and myself. I will not be sorry to see the last of your smug, self-satisfied face from my TV screen. Nearly 9 years of your white bread, misogynistic government has been damaging to my own life and Australia’s reputation.

Your head in the sand stance on global warming has endangered lives and put back the nation a decade. You have decimated the once broad church of the Liberal Party and led its shift to the irrelevant hard right fringes of Australian political life.

Your dismissive response to the concerns of Australian women has cost the political careers of many of your colleagues. The clique of entitled white male politicians in Canberra have not done us proud as a nation. The lack of true representation within your party and cabinet has alienated large sections of the Australian population. You appeal to the worst characteristics of many uneducated and selfish members of our communities. Your political instincts readily exploit divisive issues within the electorate. Your government did not represent many vulnerable members of our country. Social inclusiveness and acceptance of diversity have never been your strengths.

Australians have recognised that we can no longer afford to have such out of touch political leaders in our midst. Women have stood up and booted out the smug, white men from the Liberal Party and elected intelligent professionals from their own gender as independents.

Scott, your paper-thin Christianity has not saved you from the political chopping block. The hypocrisy of your version of religiousness strikes many vulnerable Australians as warped and sickening. The LGBTQI community do not feel that you represented them during your term as Prime Minister of this nation. The country is not just made up of blokey tradies and their ilk. If I see you wearing Hi-Viz attire on TV again, I think that I will cry.

Scott, I hope that you gracefully retire into the background and that we never hear from you again for a very long time. I sincerely wish that you observe the transformation of Australia into a renewable energy super power from the distant sidelines. Likewise, the rise of real equality for women will, I think, accelerate following your timely demise. The introduction of a federal ICAC will be another fitting reminder of your failings as the nation’s leader. I predict that this country will blossom and prosper as more parts of our nation are appreciated and supported by a government for all Australians.

Bye Scott, forever!