American Pie: The Rotten Slice Revealed to the World

The coronavirus crisis has revealed the true state of what it is like to live in the USA, especially for those on the economic fringe of this large nation. The terrifying rates of death in New York during the COVID-19 global pandemic strikes at the heart of the great American dream. Watching this unfold from a vantage point outside of the US it is startling to see. You cannot help but feel that the land of the free does not look out for its citizens in the way many other western nations do for their denizens. American Pie: The rotten slice revealed to the world.

This American Coronavirus Crisis is No Hollywood Movie

America has a 24/7 public relations behemoth called Hollywood churning out good time stories involving the bright and bold USA. A combination of economic muscle and human naivety has force fed many parts of the world on a diet rich in Hollywood movies. This has cast a spell around the globe declaring America a land rich in happiness and opportunities for material advancement. In reality the US is a nation of massive economic inequality among its residents, with small numbers of super rich and vast swathes of the working poor. The middle class of America are firmly entrenched in a deepening economic hole made worse with every passing generation.

Armed Americans Demanding End to COVID-19 Lockdown

The sight of armed Americans protesting the shut down of their country is shocking to many. Holding their automatic weapons high, these people are demanding the ending of government enforced lockdowns and the resumption of the economy. In this nation, which does not look after many of its vulnerable citizens, it is understandable that sections of the community are solely focused on looking out for themselves. President Trump supports these protesters and in daily announcements urges state governors to get their local economies back to work. Meanwhile, the death toll in New York and in other American cities continue to climb.

African Americans are conspicuously appearing in coronavirus death and infection rates at a higher rate than their white American brethren. Those who live on the fringes of the great American dream are finding their slice of the American pie to be rotten to the core. Generational economic neglect delivers poor health outcomes for these members of the US community and makes them particularly vulnerable to diseases like the COVID-19 coronavirus. Trump is looking around for people to blame in an endless game of finger pointing far and wide. China is a favourite target and the World Health Organisation along with it.

Trump is shutting the borders of the USA in a case of locking the stable door long after the horses have bolted. The coronavirus crisis has held up a mirror for Americans to gaze into and ponder the extreme unfairness of their society. The poor are left to sicken and die on the streets of New York, whilst the rich have long fled to their coastal hideaways far from the epicentre of the virus. American pie: the rotten slice revealed to the world, especially for the tens of thousands of poor.