Football - AFL Multicultural Round Commemorative Ball, Lin Jong, 8 Aug 2015
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Do The Swans Need A Head Doctor?

Following another worrying performance in front of goals, do the Swans need a head doctor? It cannot be a complete coincidence that they were playing Geelong, the team that thrashed them in the 2022 AFL grand final. Scar tissue manifests in many ways and, perhaps, the Sydney Swans are traumatised deep inside. AFL is a physical game played at breakneck speed until that moment when the forward must compose himself to take a set shot. Suddenly, the expectations of team, crowd, and self coalesce into a pressure situation inside the player with the kicking boots on standing before the goals.

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Conservatives vs Progressives: A Battle For Hearts & Minds

Australia and the world are in the midst of a tussle on the political and cultural stages. Conservatives vs progressives: A battle for hearts and minds. Those in the previously unassailable dominant cohort, white folk in the main, are being told that they have something to lose by their political leaders. Meanwhile, those growing minority groups and the lefty liberals want more progress on human rights and economic equality for all. The hardline right are playing culture wars by bandying about terms like ‘woke’ and ‘political correctness’ to attract more support from those on their side who have been economically left behind.

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Pwc white collar crime
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Pwc White Collar Crime Perpetuated On Australia

Here is another legacy from the Abbott, Turnbull, and Morrison Coalition governments. Pwc white collar crime perpetuated on Australia joins Robodebt, as one of the most serious betrayals in this nation’s history. Both share the gutting of the public service as a core reason for the way they eventuated. This was initiated by Tony Abbott as PM and increased the volume of outsourcing to consultancy firms in key areas. The individuals involved in these white collar crimes put their corporate affiliations above the national interest. Money was more important than service to their country. Greed and self-interest over doing the right thing.

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Bob Hawke
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Bob Hawke & A Promise Of Aboriginal Treaty

Australia’s most popular prime minister, Bob Hawke, tried to deliver a treaty with Aboriginal people back in 1988. Bob Hawke and a promise of Aboriginal treaty. He was unsuccessful because he could not get bipartisan support for a treaty from his colleagues back in Canberra. John Howard opposed the idea of a treaty in 1988 and remains opposed to the Voice today. What is the common theme here? Liberal Party of Australia leaders opposing official recognition of First Nation’s Australians. Peter Dutton carries that conservative racist flag today. The idea that all Aboriginal people should fall into line with a modern European/British conception of what it means to be Australian is called assimilation.

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Sex: The Wolf & Red Riding Hood

Sex, in the twenty first century, sits as an uncomfortable bedfellow with political correctness. One can almost see grandma in her bed, with her long snout tied beneath sleeping cap, and Little Red Riding Hood gazing into her great big eyes. The wolf lies beneath […]

Sacred Chef published on Amazon and Kobo

Sacred Chef Published on Amazon and Kobo

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I hope that you, will find some great recipes here to try and perhaps add to your own culinary repertoire. Recipes are like magic spells to incant with your hands, touching, inspiring, chopping, stirring and then serving. The dance of the kitchen, I call it, weaving wonder with saucepans and knives. Good cooking involves a flow of energy, as you engage with matter and time, coordinating the arrival of a number of different elements.

House Therapy by Sudha Hamilton
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Excerpt from – House Therapy

 The Kitchen – The Ancient Greeks, who gave us many of the founding principles upon which we base our modern societies – democracy; logic; philosophy; literature and poetry to name but a few salient examples, had  a rich collection of gods and goddesses. In this excerpt from – House Therapy we will focus on – Hestia was the goddess of hearth and home, older sister to Zeus and first born of the titan’s, Kronos and Rhea, perhaps not as well known today as her siblings Demeter, Hera, Haides and Poseidon.  This may have been due to the fact that she was swallowed first by her titan father Kronos, who in  a bid to avoid being overthrown by one of his children, as prophesied, ate all his children, she was thus the last to be regurgitated, once Zeus had forced his father to do so. Families and mealtimes are, as we all know, never easy.

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Online Reflections

Online reflections. In my first chosen post I was inspired to recollect, and share, the experiences of my wife and myself, during and after the birth of our children. I particularly remember the passion, with which my wife embraced these online communities (Hamilton, Robert, Online Communities Post, Oct 19, 2010), and it was really my first conscious experience of the power of the Internet to forge and foster real communities. These online communities defied geography to bring together parents from all over Australia, to share their fears, excitement, opinions, knowledge and prejudices. I saw firsthand how the Internet serviced these community members by creating a portal, which uniquely provided for a subsection of society, who traditionally were often isolated by their condition – expecting mothers are often at home and out of the workforce. The 24/7 nature of the Internet and these website based forums – and – allowed members to share at any time of day or night, getting answers to questions about the health of expecting mothers and babies when they needed them.

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Internet Sex Study

Internet sex study. In this essay I will be describing and explaining how everyday sexual experiences are now often accessed through the Internet by a broad cross section of community members in our developed western countries. I will be showing that the Sex Industry, in all its multitude forms, has embraced the Internet more fully and effectively than any other industry. I will also be illuminating the links that show the Internet to be an active agent in diminishing the power of sexual taboos by exposing more people to a greater variety of depicted sexual experiences and information. The Internet as a tool of communication and information has greatly increased accessibility to a much wider range of sexual choices and therefore fostered growing sub-communities, who base their exchanges on these shared peccadilloes and interests. Finally, I will be positing information which may suggest the Internet, and its visually arresting relationship to sex in our lives, has been a force for good in the reduction of sex crimes within our communities.

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Illicit Drugs Cultural Conflict Scapegoats

The banning of illicit drugs by governments, has, in a number of instances, involved measures  being taken against particular minority groups and racial subcultures, to limit or control their behaviour. Illicit drugs cultural conflict scapegoats. The drugs have in fact become symbolic scapegoats for a law and order response to much more complicated social conflicts. It is often, an electorally popular move by governments, to focus on a possibly disturbing aspect of minority behaviour by a certain subcultural group, and to exaggerate this as a major problem, through the media and their own law enforcement policies. It seems that nothing garners  votes, as much as picking on unacceptably different behaviour, and demonising this behaviour through the press.

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Do You Ever Long For Certainty?

Do you ever long for certainty? Do you wish that you had a direct line to God, especially during those times when you are really unsure about what direction to take in your life? Would you like to be able to reach deep inside yourself and just know the right answer? Well according to the theory of the bicameral mind, and its part in the origin of consciousness, we all do have that facility within our brains. In fact it was originally all we did have, as it preceded that sense of I or me, our very own subjective consciousness which we all have today. Julian Jaynes published his book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, in 1976 and the waves of influence have been spreading out ever since. The first sixty pages of his book are to me, the most immediately confronting and mind expanding – as they focus on what consciousness actually is or is not.