Robodebt disgrace: The legacy of the Coalition

Peter Dutton Is A Disgrace

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Peter Dutton doesn’t give a f*** about First Nations’ Australians, as he is playing politics over the Voice to Parliament. Everything for Dutton and his Liberal Party mates is about getting back in power. They see the Voice as an Anthony Albanese initiative and want to defeat it on this basis. Dutton represents everything that is rotten about the Australian political setup. Peter Dutton is a disgrace. The Voice is not a Labor Party initiative, it is an Indigenous Australia proposal. The Uluru Statement from the Heart is not about politics, it is about recognition and a seat at the table for First Nations people. It is time for the dickheads to get out of the way and let progress happen. Younger Australians are sick of their racist past and would like to see something done about respecting and empowering First Nations Australians.

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