My Teeth: Deep Roots into Psyche

9 mins 6 yrs

I was originally going to title this piece, “My Bad Teeth”, and then I thought that for half a century my teeth have been hanging in there, literally. Certainly, I was not born with immaculate white teeth, as you see on TV and at the movies. My teeth have always been more of a yellowish white. I must confess that I did not treat my teeth well in my formative years. I ate too many sweets, too often, and did not listen to the sage words of my dear mother. I knew it all from a very early age. My hard headed and opinionated self was bullet and dental caries proof. Actually, I wasn’t, but I thought I was. Isn’t that so stereotypical of youth? We think we know it all and yet… My teeth: Deep roots into psyche…

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