Electricians and Tradies Content Development

Many working people struggle with the concept of content development for their digital marketing. Somehow it is counterintuitive for them to record their working lives on the various digital platforms. It is as if they feel they have done the work in the real world and resent copying it down on social media and their website. In fact, it requires an expansion and elucidation in the digital realm for it to be effective in promoting their work and business. For electricians and tradies content development can be a bane rather than a boon. This is why it is the smart move to put it in the hands of a professional content marketer like me.

Content Marketing Illuminates Like Light Dispels Darkness

In the same way that a light dangles from the ceiling to illuminate us from the darkness, embracing this concept frees folks from ignorance. Content marketing is the main game now and it requires top quality content development to reward businesses with success. It is not enough to just be a good tradie or contractor in the 21C, you must also spread your fame far and wide or at least thoroughly through your local patch. When a potential client searches for an electrician online our tradie needs to come up prominently in that search. Electricians and tradies content development delivers that much desired result.

Tell Your Story to Succeed

There are multiple ways to achieve this, but content development is the most organic, economic and long lasting of them. It all comes back to telling stories, as we Homo sapiens love a good story. We remember a story told to us about a situation much more than a loose load of facts without any interconnecting narrative. Social media is a platform for story telling about our own lives. Websites are most effective when couched in the guise of tales told and stories shared. Tell your story to succeed in love, life and career.

Let me help you tell your story. It doesn’t need to be a struggle it just takes a mind shift. We are all human beings, whether we lift a spanner, hammer a nail, or spark light. We all have tales to tell that can put us in a good light. The world would be a sadder place without the stories we read and hear. Content development is story development really, as we tie the strands of your skillset together to create a bridge for others to reach you.