The Importance of Content Marketing to Your Website

The digital revolution has thrust the internet and its social media cousins upon us, like an unexpected visit from your in-laws. This visit is now in its third decade and does not look like ending any time soon. It is useful to review our impressions and understanding of what websites are to us. In the beginning, we saw the one-page website as an electronic leaflet or calling card. We thought of our websites in terms of paper, like a full-page ad, and, then, as a brochure when we added more online pages. Many people still think of their website in these terms, perhaps not quite grasping the medium in its entirety. The importance of content marketing to your website has great relevance here, if you are to realise the potential this medium offers.

When Content Marketing Reaches the Call to Action Climax

Computer screens and mobile phone screens provide a marriage of colourful images and artfully arranged copy to entertain viewers at home, work and on the road. Importantly these electronic pages also, offer connectivity. The viewer can click through via links to pages where they can purchase online, phone or email someone. Alternatively, forums or comment pages can be available for the viewer to have their say. It is the connectivity, which transforms web pages beyond their paper predecessors. When your marketing material reaches its call to action climax, your website can provide a direct portal to facilitate the connection between customer and business.

Think Informative Foreplay & More Informative Foreplay

Marketing can be thought of like love making, in that many participants prefer to get their money’s worth. They enjoy it so much that they want to keep it going for as long as they can. They want plenty of foreplay before they get down to business. Content marketing recognises these strategic moves and ensures that there are plenty of articles, videos, images and podcasts to satisfy these urges and appetites. Multimedia means interactive content and stimulated viewers. 3D graphics are becoming more accessible via new scripts and programs. Apply this to your own online presence, when thinking about your website pages and social media posts. Think foreplay, foreplay, informative foreplay and more informative foreplay.

Websites are becoming more aural in this new decade. Voice operated programs are coming to the fore. The keyboard may soon find itself an obsolete tool in the high-tech communication sphere. The importance of content marketing to your website cannot be underestimated in this day and age. Are you investing enough in your digital footprint in 2020? If your website is integral to your marketing, are you keeping pace with the evolution of the medium? Pertinent questions at the start of a very exciting decade.