Coronavirus Crisis Demands New Copy to Update Websites

Things are changing hourly in the face of the unfolding COVID19 global pandemic. Businesses are being forced to amend their behaviours in response to new public health policies being instigated by governments around Australia. Corporations and small business operators are challenged by these rapidly evolving circumstances. Agility in the face of containing the spread of coronavirus in essential if these businesses are to minimise economic damage. The coronavirus crisis demands new copy to update websites across the digital spectrum and the world wide web. The public are looking for answers and websites and social media platforms must meet the needs of customers and consumers.

Global Pandemic Biggest Health & Financial Threat of the Last 100 Years

In the beginning, governments and businesses were, it is fair to say, sluggishly prudent in their initial responses to the coronavirus crisis. Perhaps, MERS and SARS were in the back of minds when news of the China epidemic started to break. These did not eventuate into global pandemics and remained localised outbreaks. COVID19 has turned out to be a very different microscopic beast and, now, threatens to be the biggest health and financial global crisis of the last hundred years. The coronavirus crisis demands new copy to update websites, so that businesses can correctly communicate with their constituents and customers everywhere.

Clear & Concise Copy is Essential to Communicate the Changes

The hit to the recreational industries around the world has been an eye opener for this correspondent. It brings our dependence upon sporting and entertainment activities into sharp focus when these things are cancelled and restricted due to preventative health policies. Suddenly, our universes are smaller and reduced down to more essential concerns. Governments are having to make decisions, which will have huge impacts upon businesses’ ability to remain economically buoyant and the employability of individuals. The messages delivered by the spokespeople for agencies and businesses are acutely important in this current climate of fear, uncertainty and confusion. Clear and concise copy is essential to communicate the ever-changing landscape of this health crisis.

People everywhere are wondering whether they will still have a job. Tourism is taking a huge hit, which follows the bushfire crisis. Travel bans and 14-day self isolation quarantine policies are putting paid to any possible recoveries. Australia’s economy is dependent upon tourism and international students attending our educational institutions. Export industries to China, such as seafood and agriculture are being massively curtailed to the detriment of our economy. The stock market and the value of the Australian dollar are both being crunched by the coronavirus crisis and its consequences to trade and industry.

Is your website up-to-date and does the content reflect the latest advice affecting your business? If not – we can help.