The World Will Turn Online to Escape the Coronavirus

In the face of the COVID19 pandemic the world will turn online to escape the effects of the coronavirus. Our real world of fleshly pursuits is unsafe, with thousands dying from the virus and hundreds of thousands becoming infected. Digital viruses seem a much less risky possibility in 2020. Social distancing is demanding that people stay at home and those flickering screens have never looked more inviting. Social media beckons as the only safe way to engage with your fellow human being. Even online trolls are, seemingly, more attractive than the looming shadow of the grim reaper in this novel plague year.

The Digital Realm is Our Refuge from Germs

The digital realm has never offered such a clear choice of sanctuary from the potential ravages of this disease to ourselves and our loved ones. Will the world wide web and the ethernet be able to cope with all the constant increased demand? Will our technological refuge from germs stand up, despite the globe being on the verge of social dislocation and potential breakdown? How deep are those massive server bunkers buried beneath the surface of our troubled world? Perhaps all those science fiction scenarios from books and movies are about to come true. Life as we know it has probably changed forever.

A Good Time to Run a Digital Business

It is a good time to be running a digitally based business, especially one that does not require too much input from human beings. There are always winners and losers, even in times of crisis and disaster. Those people and business that do well out of other people’s misfortune. Citizens and denizens of cities are virtual prisoners in their homes. What will they do to pass the time, as the days, weeks and months unfold? Living indoors and confined to small spaces it will be their screens on phones, TVs and computers, which will have to bear the load.

The world will turn online to escape the coronavirus and the demands upon this medium will dramatically increase. I predict we will see a surge in volume from many new demographic groups accessing the internet. I suspect that we will see a spike in inventiveness and creativity from those producing content and transmitting it to the world. New ideas will come to the fore and be met by an insatiable appetite for content. The need for new content will be immense across all platforms. This will not be a time to sit on your hands and do nothing. This enforced absence from the real world will stimulate so much online in every direction.