Confined at Home: Have a Look at Your Home and Yourself


Cometh the moment cometh the concept or idea. House Therapy has been around for a few years and has yet to set the world on fire. The coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown could well be the perfect set of circumstances for people to discover the ingenious insights provided by House Therapy. You are confined within your home, within the four walls of your house or apartment, it is the perfect opportunity to study what is in your home and what these things mean to you personally. There is only so much crap you can watch on Netflix. Here is a chance to put yourself at the centre of the movie or documentary. Imagine you are an archaeologist and you are examining the rooms and the things inside your home for evidence about who lived there to discover who they really were. Who they really are! Confined at home: Have a look at your home and yourself.

House Therapy Gets Inside Your Head

So, what is it? House Therapy predicates that we have multiple subpersonalities and that these are most readily seen via the different rooms within our homes. The most important aspect of this self-help tool is to become aware of the various parts of our self, the different voices making up you or me. Each room in your house or apartment offers evidence, via its look and feel, of a particular part of you ruling this domain. Too often, we are reduced to thinking of ourselves as merely Joe or Joanne, insert job here, insert age and gender here, insert racial profile here etc. What about the real individual beneath these gross generalities? House Therapy gets inside your head and gets inside your heartfelt values.

Examine the Rooms Inside Your Home & Get Some Answers About You

If you have to stay at home and sit inside these four walls, why not examine them in some detail to work some stuff out about yourself. You don’t need to share it with anyone else, unless you want to of course. It is all about you, perhaps private to you and it can be your own inner dialogue. Take the opportunity to look around and feel what all this stuff means to you. Take this moment to give to yourself some golden answers to oft unanswered questions about yourself and why you are the way you are. And whether the current set up is serving you best. You might like to make some long overdue changes after this re-evaluation via House Therapy. The coronavirus global pandemic is asking some serious questions about our very existence and that of our loved ones. Sometimes these enforced breaks from routine can provide valuable opportunities for contemplation about our lives.

Confined at home: Have a look at your home and yourself – or rather your selves. We are all orchestras not merely a drumbeat. We are incredibly complex creatures, both on a cellular level and psychologically. The media loves to simplify stuff, as do we all, but that is not who we really are. We are so much more than that. The human brain can only hold a few things at once in the conscious mind and remember around 7 things at any one time, without memory training. There is always a societal inclination to reduce complex things to black and white, but this does not serve truth well. It does not serve the entirety of who you are well. House Therapy can redress this poor state of affairs and reintroduce you to who you truly are.

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by Sudha Hamilton

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