Hardcover of The Stoic Golfer: Finding Inner Peace & Focus On The Fairway

Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor, Stoic philosopher, and author of the world’s first self-help book – Meditations. It is quite a resume in anybody’s terms. The Stoic Golfer: Finding Inner Peace & Focus On The Fairway is my third book on golf and first to bring together my two great loves – ancient history and golf. Disparate topics in the minds of some but not really when you delve a little deeper into the essence of both. One of the core beliefs of Stoicism is that individuals have little control over external events, but they have complete control over their own thoughts and reactions to those events. The Stoics emphasised the importance of accepting what is beyond our control and focusing instead on developing our own character and inner peace. Golfers must apply this logic if they are to make it through their rounds unscathed.

New release by Robert Sudha Hamilton The Stoic Golfer

Stoicism & Finding Focus On The Fairways

“Stoicism sought to teach humans how to reach eudaimonia, or happiness. For the Stoics, this could only be reached by following a virtuous life lived “in accordance with nature.” (Edd Hodsdon, 2021)

Golf has always struck me as an activity demanding of a stoic sensibility due to the difficulties and disappointments ever present in the game. ‘Gritty grace’ is a term I have come up with to describe what is often required on the golf course. Golf has a clearly defined set of rules and protocols, the knowledge of which are required to play the game. The ‘virtuous golfer’ is no stretch to consider when you think about his or her place in terms of sportsmanship or sportswomanship in the modern age. The golfer must, also, play in accordance with the nature of the golf course. Golf is no video game; it is a real adventure played on a challenging strip of geography rich in hazards and penalty areas.

Golf & Stoic Philosophy

The Stoic Golfer: Finding Inner Peace & Focus On The Fairway is my latest book about golf. I have written this to assist golfers everywhere in dealing with the challenges of the mental game. We all know that golf is the single hardest game to play known to humankind. We, also, know that a large part of the game is played upstairs between the ears, so to speak. Some have compared the mental demands of golf with those in the game of chess. Strategic decisions must be made continually throughout both games. However, golf adds a physical dimension to these demands and the athletic stress factor can mount up on the participating player. Navigating your way around a tricky golf course in all sorts of weather can test the resolve of the golfer. The following pages will take inspiration from selected quotes from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and my interpretation of these in light of the golfer’s challenges in the mental game. Golf is a test of our mettle and character. The Stoic philosophy, as rooted in the soldiers’ and warriors’ kit bag of wisdom, is a practical source of strategies for success on the golf course. You will find real solutions for common problems and issues confronted daily in the game of golf.

The Stoic Golfer: Finding Inner Peace & Focus On The Fairway is my latest book about golf.

Finding inner peace and focus will improve your performance on the golf course. It will, also, increase your enjoyment of the game of golf. Tranquility is the key to maintaining a good swing and not losing your tempo under stress. Understanding the importance of this will transform your golf game. The Stoic Golfer will, not only prove to be an enjoyable read but set you on the path to game changing transformation.

Robert Sudha Hamilton

Robert Sudha Hamilton

The Author
Robert Sudha Hamilton is the author of The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams and How To Play Golf: Like A Winner. He has been writing about golf for more than a decade. More importantly, he has been playing golf intensively for many more years, because he loves the game. He is a member of the Bribie Island Golf Club in S.E. Queensland (where kangaroos roam the fairways).
On the history front, he majored in the study of Ancient History at Macquarie University BA and went on to complete post graduate studies Grad Cert in that same field. He is also the author of several titles on Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt, which are available via Amazon.
He has a golf podcast and the golf blogsite www.golfdom.com.au
His YouTube videos can be found at Robert Sudha Hamilton

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