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Money Matters: Navigating Credit, Debt & Financial Freedom is the new book by Robert Sudha Hamilton PDF

This book is a collection of pieces written by me on specific aspects of our economy and community, especially as it pertains to credit and debt. The data and information quoted in this book is correct and true, as of the date of composition. We live in an age of credit, where our personal economies and the economies of our nations are deeply dependent upon credit. Getting to grips with the ramifications of debt and credit in the wider context of our financial sector is paramount if you want to maintain your financial freedom and lessen the pain of the ups and downs inherent within the capitalist cyclical system. Knowledge is power.

This book will help you understand stuff like the high inflation we have been experiencing. Get to grips with some economic knowledge and the social ramifications of the current financial system. Is it fair? No, it is not. Can we change that? Only by first comprehending how it works.

Money Matters: Navigating Credit, Debt & Financial Freedom.


Money Matters: Navigating Credit, Debt & Financial Freedom is the new book by Robert Sudha Hamilton designed to help people everywhere. Understanding the consumer credit system and the laws that govern it is an essential prerequisite in the 21C if individuals are going to survive and thrive. Too many of us are fighting blind in an economy set up to favour some sections of society at the expense of others. There are comparisons between China’s social credit system and the West’s consumer credit reporting system. Money matters and determines the score in the game of life, as far as our financial institutions are concerned. In this new book by Speaktruth on money, credit and financial freedom the reader gets to investigate banking, credit, debt, and the rules of the financial game.

In this collection of recent articles on the Australian economy and the issues facing its citizens the spotlight gets turned on the those with their hands on the tiller. Speaking truth to power and calling for greater awareness when it comes to the many assumptions made within our economy. Ignorance by the populace when it comes to the economy and the credit system allows for institutional bias to continue despite the growing inequity in Australia. The so-called lucky country is fast becoming one of the most inequitable nations on earth. The concept of a ‘fair go’ used to be an Australian byword but now is a bad joke.

It may seem strange to talk about the secret life of money when a lot of people devote their lives to it. It’s not really when you consider the same thing has been happening around God for many millennia. Human beings have a propensity for this sort of thing, it seems. Money has a secret life because most of us do not understand what it is and how it actually works. Modern economies on the national scale are very large and complex things. Macro economics does not operate in the same manner as our own individual financial set up functions. This is why most people struggle to grasp how money and the economy as a whole really work.

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