Non-contemplative lifestyles

We spend a great deal of our time doing things without any real reflection upon what we are doing. We are intrinsically caught up in the drama of everyday life and this often prevents us from pausing and having a good look at where we find ourselves. Which is why, it is usually only at times of crisis that reassessments about our lives are made. In the meantime, we are often all at sea and lacking a crystal ball or insight into our situation. It is not that the process involved in House Therapy is particularly acute but rather that we are culturally blind to any real analysis of our own behaviour. If it is not broken why bother fixing it, or even looking into it – this is our ‘go to mode’ attitude in the West. This also explains why we are so sceptical about the different philosophical approaches that come out of the East. We are culturally averse to accepting viewpoints, like those that have emerged from Taoism, or other more reflective pathways through life. If we cannot immediately ‘join all the dots’ then we disparage it as unscientific. Really the truth and evidence of who and what we are is all around us and right in front of us. You just need to take the time to have a look.

Continued in House Therapy by Sudha Hamilton

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House Therapy by Sudha Hamilton

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