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Midas Word can audit your existing online presence from an effective digital marketing perspective. Is your current strategy working? Is it still relevant in today’s rapidly changing world? Our professional content designers, SEO experts and copywriters can revamp your website to meet the challenges demanded in 2018. Social media management and development for a busy world. Creative content keeps your online presence fresh and effective in an overcrowded space.

New Broom Through the Room Packages

Does your virtual room require spring cleaning? Are the skins and themes flagging? Does the copy and content reflect current concerns? How about structural issues? The digital realm can date pretty quickly. What was appropriate yesterday, or last year, may not cut the mustard today. Midas Word can re-engineer your online presence to speak to the hearts and minds of your potential markets. If you are feeling left out or left behind, and maybe you thought this whole computer thing would blow over, we can redesign your virtual world. Get your matrix on the mat, so to speak. Let us help you reach your audience and build some community connections relevant to your goals and targets.

Our experts can twist a few dials on your Google Analytics and bring up something Majestic, to give you some kind of SEMRush that you will remember. You have probably heard people going on and on, about content being king, and wondered what they were trying to tell you. Maybe you have heard whispers about black hats and back-links. Heard murmurings about high trust flows. The backends and dashboards are rife with acronyms like SEO and ROI. A shady lot of characters, you may have adjudged, these digital marketing nerds. Trying to get your head around the algorithms and updates from search engines like Google, is like waking up in an alien environment. Midas Word can make it happen for you, even if you don’t speak the language.

Affordable Content Redesign Solutions

Whatever your current CMS, WordPress, Squiz Matrix, Joomla, or something else entirely, we can work with it or replace it with something more user friendly. We offer affordable content redesign solutions for websites. Our expert service can adjust the current settings to optimise your digital marketing. We make it easy for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants go that extra mile for you. Talk to us today about a New Broom package to clean up all the mistakes and outdated content. Get some fresh flowers in your virtual vase and put out the welcome mat 2.0.

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