How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

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In this day and age of rapid fire and online job applications it is handy to know how to write the perfect cover letter. You have honed your resume to a keen edge, it is prickling with relevant information regarding your training and experience. Your CV shimmers with PB highlights and character references. Your employment application quiver contains these razor-sharp missives, ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice in the direction of a potential employer. What about the cover letter? It is often the forgotten weapon in your armoury and a last-minute pain to find in your arsenal.

Cover Letter Tips for Success

You are sitting in front of your computer and applying for a position via one of the many online employment directory services. You are seeking a new opportunity and a fresh start to ply your trade in the world around you. You have carefully ready the job listing, taking note of the salient skills required for the advertised position. You are enthusiastically nodding your head and thinking I can do this, I am the right person for this job. You quickly begin the application process and are immediately confronted by the cover letter question.

No War & Peace Please

Do you wish to write a cover letter, edit one in the system, or omit a cover letter with your application? The first option takes you into a long and winding road, as you narrate War & Peace, listing your suitability for the role. You delve into memories about desirable work experiences from your past. Suddenly the page is filled with copious amounts of information pertaining to your previous career experiences. Recruiting agents and potential employers do not like to receive lengthy essays regarding your entire working life and accompanying insights of wisdom. Keep it brief my friend if you want to be read at all.

Inject Some Humour Into the Proceedings

Better still bring some humour into the equation. New relationships of all persuasions are best begun with a bit of a laugh, if possible. Humour is one of the most attractive human qualities. The ability to make someone laugh is a valuable skill. Don’t over do it, of course, you are not interviewing for a spot on the Comedy Show. Nothing ribald or off colour please. Analyse your resume and see where your cover letter can better illustrate your skills or relevant experience. Use your cover letter as an introduction to the best things about you and why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

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