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Midas Word for online content for websites, social media platforms and all forms of media. Articles, posts, podcasts, videos and content created for your business or profile. Content marketing and copywriter Sydney.

It all starts with a clear brief and solid research to ensure accurate keyword targeting. Content marketing depends for its success on establishing these foundations. What are the most searched terms appropriate for your website, products or service? Where are the the most voluminous search terms? Search Engine Optimisation is the key to success in the 21C.

Next, comes the talent and skills to communicate effectively with your market audience. Midas Word provides clean, targeted copy and content, mistake-free, which will reach your online audience. We can write well and we know how to format the right content correctly for best results. Google ranks quality content over poorly written and presented copy.

Many business owners do not really comprehend the workings of the Internet and the world wide web. It seems to be a mystery and a long way away from the old schools of marketing and advertising. Gone is the simplicity of placing an ad in a magazine, newspaper or on TV. Of course, these forms of marketing were often wholly ineffective in selling widgets or achieving what they claimed to do. However, advertisers had a hard copy of something they could point to or touch. It may have been expensive and unsuccessful but advertisers could take consolation in having a substantial ad and creative about their product.

In contrast to this, the workings of SEO and online marketing, are often, far more obscure and appear less directly linked to the client. Keyword search marketing is so much more effective than old school advertising in its end results. Online marketing directs customer searches to your website for instantaneous results. It bypasses so many middlemen and takes enquires directly to your online door.

Effective organic SEO takes customer enquiries to your website or online presence. Once there you need to ensure that you have the necessary information and merchandising portals in place to make the sale or achieve the outcome you want. You need to ask yourself if you are after effective SEO or do you require a more wholistic digital marketing service?

Midas Word can assist you with all your content marketing, SEO and digital marketing requirements. Content marketing and copywriter Sydney.

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