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148 pages of golf lore, stories, instructional information, insight, and history. The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams by Robert Sudha Hamilton is a Midas Word Publication.

There are many books on golf and a few classics well worth reading, but by and large most are landfill waiting to happen. The truth is most golfers are not great writers. The game of golf demands different skills. Grammar and contextuality are not going to help you get out of bunkers. Robert Sudha Hamilton is a writer and historian. The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams is his first book about the game he loves to play. The Golf Book new release now available combines his skills to deliver a golf book well worth reading.

Why Do People Read Books On Golf?

Some would say they are seeking greater insight into how to better play the game. Others may be after entertainment through reading anecdotes and funny stories about golf. There are those who are searching for a handle on the mental side of golf. Perhaps, they seek the psychological understanding of how best to cope with the stress of competing. Then again, there are those who are entranced by the mystical and magical qualities inherent within the game of golf. Many love to read about the very best golfers on the world stage. Hoping, perhaps, that something might rub off on their own game. The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams has all of these things inside its covers.



The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams has just been published. Author Robert Sudha Hamilton said it was like watching a 60 foot putt go in, it took a long time but was doubly satisfying as a result. Writing is a lot like golf in that it does take a considerable amount of time and you never know if you are going to finish in the style you hoped for. The Golf Book hits the stands this week and it is brimming with a fresh take on golf for both long-time lovers of the game and those new to the ranks.

“Let me begin by saying that all those who play the great game of golf are blessed by the experience inside the green cathedral. There is nothing quite like cracking a big drive down the fairway off the tee. Watching that ball rise in the air and hurtle vast distances to land safely is a sweet affair indeed. Rolling in a putt from an unlikely place on the green is another deeply satisfying element of the game of golf. To the uninitiated striking a stationary small white sphere from its grassy lie with a club often seems no remarkable feat. However, ask them to reproduce that achievement and what follows can involve much cursing and frustrating failure. Golf is not an easy game to master and therein lies its fascination for millions around the globe. The Golf Book hits the stands this week and I hope that you will give it a try.” Robert Sudha Hamilton