Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia: Donate Now

I have always admired Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Doctors Without Borders, for the work that they do around the world, helping people in desperate need, no matter where they are and whatever their beliefs. Health professionals and aid workers risking their lives to reach those in real need across the globe. MSF is, now, a large organisation operating out of hundreds of countries. They lobby governments and international bodies to assist them in reaching those who require medical assistance and aid. MSF does not balk at war and disaster zones, they charge right in and do their best to help those in perilous need. Donating money to MSF, wherever you are located around the world, is a smart compassionate move. Donate now!

MSF: Actions Speak Louder than Words

We sit in our comfortable environments, within our wealthy western cities, worrying about this and that, whilst human beings are dying, sickening and starving in droves in scores of places around the globe. We complain about our own problems, but have no comprehension of what life is like in a war or disaster zone. Organisations like MSF are vital to keep us in touch with our humanity, before we stray so far from our compassionate hearts, as to lose the ability to ever find our way back there. The actions of this group of brave people, reminds us that there is more to life than our own concerns.

Nobel Peace Prize Winning

“It is a Nobel Peace Prize winning brand; rolled gold in NFP terms. MSFA’s passionate and outspoken profile, continually raises awareness of the organisation’s relief work; offsetting the need for costly advertising. As a NFP brand in this sector, MSFA are less than 25 YO, which is relatively young in comparison to the Australian Red Cross and Save the Children brands. Their image is one of doctorly dedication, despite the dangers and political heat within these war and disaster zones. Their appeal, to both volunteers and donors, will only increase in this materialistic world; as they polarise this position. Donor surveying may provide useful brand perception information to hone further effective marketing strategies. The conquest of the airwaves and media by the digital world, ideally places NFPs in the phones and living rooms of Australian consumers, especially during times of heightened action. Social media platforms are an important part of this, and an expansion of this activity would prove fruitful. Fundraising revenue growth remains the branding strategy’s main target.”

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