person holding laboratory flask

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Effected By Gut Microbiome

15 mins 2 yrs

There are two seriously debilitating conditions looming large over the Australian population, as they approach later middle age. Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease are becoming increasingly common within our western communities around the globe. Their impact upon quality of life are considerable and in Alzheimer’s case decidedly fatal. Alzheimer’s is the most prevalent form of dementia in human beings. (Vogt, 2017) Medical science continues to look for answers and cures for both these all too common diseases. Diabetes and Alzheimer’s effected by gut microbiome: New research is shining a light from an altogether new angle. (Haridy, 2021) This new, bottom up, perspective is providing valuable information and possibly new therapeutic approaches to these scourges of the twenty first century.