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Sacred Chef’s New Cookbook “secrets and recipes”


Sacred Chef secrets and recipes.. my collection of recipes and writings, gathered over a lifetime of cooking and teaching.

I hope that you, will find some great recipes here to try and perhaps add to your own culinary repertoire. Recipes are like magic spells to incant with your hands, touching, inspiring, chopping, stirring and then serving. The dance of the kitchen, I call it, weaving wonder with saucepans and knives. Good cooking involves a flow of energy, as you engage with matter and time, coordinating the arrival of a number of different elements.

For some, this can be a stressful process and the memory of traumatic kitchen experiences permeates their appreciation of cooking. This collection of recipes, also includes some useful tips and suggestions about how these painful situations can be avoided. Of course the essential nature of the kitchen and cooking must be embraced; it is a place of earth, fire, air and water. Meaning that you need to be present in the moment, aware and ready to respond, not distracted and thinking of other things. You cannot daydream in the home of heat and steel.

Your cooking experience will ultimately be defined by your attitude towards it – I hope that this book will turn you on to the very satisfying pleasure that comes from sacred cooking, eating and drinking. May the cooking gods smile upon you!

Sudha Hamilton aka The Sacred Chef