The Evidence Is Mounting Against Morrison

Scott Morrison at Press Club

Do Australians trust their leaders? Do they expect trustworthiness in their politicians? The evidence is mounting against Morrison in this regard, with lying allegations stacking up unlike the shelves in our supermarkets. Scott Morrison pretends sincerity when it suits his political objectives. Scotty from marketing can sell a spiel with the best of them. He sucks in the disinterested demographic with paper thin performances designed to get his party over the line. Members of his own side are spilling the beans on the kind of man filling the role of our prime minister.

People are Lining Up to Accuse Morrison of Lying

The French president loudly told the world that Morrison was a liar. Barnaby Joyce, his deputy, shares this view. Peter Dutton, most likely, is the other cabinet minister telling colleagues that Morrison is a psycho. Psychopaths fake sincerity whilst going about their nefarious business. Gladys cannot stand the horrible man. The women in the Liberal National coalition government are uncomfortable with his leadership. The Australian of the Year in 2021 hates the man and despises what he stands for.

Lies Cost Lives in a Pandemic

Do we, as Australians, want someone like this leading our nation? During a time like this when older Aussies are dying all too frequently in care from COVID, can we afford someone not committed to telling the truth about things that matter? Self-interest will not protect the vulnerable among us from the ravages of a disease that kills the elderly and the immuno-compromised. The Federal Government is responsible for aged care and the entrenched neglect has been with us for quite a while. Richard Colbeck is the kind of guy better off at the cricket, not looking after the interests of the vulnerable during a pandemic.

The Libs come from a tradition of looking after those who make the money and if there is anything left over the trickle-down effect might reach the needy. The Job Keeper package lined the pockets of billion-dollar companies and any wastage here was smugly received by those at the top end of town. It has been a tough time to govern the country and mistakes will, of course, be made during a once in a century global pandemic. The evidence is mounting against Morrison, however, with costly failures in quarantine killing Australians needlessly. Delays in securing vaccines and rolling out the vaccine program similarly cost lives. Aged care is in crisis and the federal government effectively does nothing. This mob does not learn from its mistakes. Morrison prefers to bullshit his way out of trouble with faked sincerity and promises of reviews. Can Australia afford to be led by this kind of man? How long before the penny drops with the electorate? There will be serious long-term issues that this nation will be left with after this government departs the scene.

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