Weasel Word Morrison: An Absence of Federal Leadership

Australian flag Midas Word

The Morrison led Liberal National coalition government is taking their do-nothing strategy to new low levels. This is the federal government that wishes to govern by not governing and not showing any leadership. Weasel word Morrison the PM from marketing is ever ready with a glib one liner for the dumb and disinterested Australian voter. This is the government that avoided taking responsibility for quarantine during the pandemic. This is the government that has consistently let down the many citizens in aged care before and during the Covid pandemic. Now, faced with serious questions about their absence of leadership over climate change they are looking for scapegoats to blame and to deflect from their consistent neglect on this issue.

Scott Morrison Leading Australia into Ignominy

Australia, the island of indifference to the global warming crisis, is being led by the nose by climate deniers and political parties in the pocket of fossil fuel companies. Internationally push is now coming to shove and the coal industry darlings will have to pay for their stubborn resistance to the writing on the wall. No man is an island, and no nation can avoid paying the piper on this five minutes to midnight global crisis. Weasel word Morrison continues to reach out to those in the electorate who distrust government and disbelieve the scientific consensus on global warming. How long will Australian’s fiddle whilst the planet heats up? Bushfires have destroyed thousands of homes in recent times. No leadership on this issue will continue to push Australia into impending disasters on multiple fronts.

The Weasel Libs Wishing for Another Term in Government

Meanwhile Morrison and his team are on the look out for another term. The Libs are hoping to prod Labor into the electoral fall guy position once again by doing nothing. The weasel word Morrison strategy is to abdicate responsibility on the important issues. They will blame Covid vaccine mandates on state Labor governments, despite the fact that businesses are crying out for federal responsibility on this issue. Why do we bother having a federal government if they are unwilling to actually do anything? We have too much government in a nation with a relatively small population. The pandemic has showed that the federal government is an unnecessary appendage. Morrison and his team are all talk and no action. The world is changing, and Australia is moving backwards fast through having a government with no vision and no courage to show real leadership.

Glasgow has shone a light on Australia’s failure to play its role within the international community on the most important issue facing the world in a hundred years. The short-sighted focus by the Nationals on these issues is going to make the transition to renewables and clean energy more challenging than it need be. Putting your head in the sand will not make these issues go away. We are running out of time on the world level to take action. The banks and the business community are on-board with eliminating global warming and net zero emissions by 2050. But we need to begin now to have a chance of delivering on these promises.

The greater Australian community want real government action and not just weasel words on this issue. Morrison is a liar according to a variety of sources. We have heard his condemnation of climate change policies as recently as 2019. He is the do-nothing leader of a do-nothing government. Scotty from marketing will offer a glib one liner to appeal to the uninformed and uncommitted within the community. Politicians who tell you that everything is painless and costs nothing are liars. Leaving serious change to ‘technology’ and hoping that things will just happen is not leadership. Weasel word Morrison is something this country can no longer afford. It is time for a new government with the courage and heart to actually do something.