Big Swinging Dicks Bringing Down Government

The tide is turning against the current Australian Government, as women march against sexual abuse and violence in this nation. The Liberal National Party coalition is recognisable by its lack of gender equality in terms of membership and parliamentary representation. In fact, some male members of the federal government boast about their gender superiority via naming themselves the Big Swinging Dicks. These fellows actively blocked by the leadership aspirations of female parliamentarians like the recently retired Julia Bishop. The alleged rape of Brittany Higgins in the office of the Defence Minister at Parliament House in Canberra in 2019 and the subsequent cover-up has blown the whistle on a culture of sexual abuse in the highest realm in Australia.

Australian Attorney General Alleged Rapist?

Christian Porter, the Attorney General, has been accused of a historical rape by a victim who took her own life. He is currently taking stress leave in response to this volatile situation. He holds the highest position in the justice system in this country. A recent ABC Four Corner’s expose revealed him to be an adulterer and Lothario in his spare time. Doubts about his fitness for office are in the minds of many Australians. Abuse of power. The big swinging dicks bringing down the government is, now, no outside chance in 2021.

“She’s a Lying Cow”

Linda Reynolds, the Defence Minister, is, also, on sick leave, after her part in denying Brittany Higgins justice for what happened to her in her office. She called Brittany “a lying cow.” The Morrison cabinet is full of holes and uncertainty at this time. Women across Australia are marching on Canberra and in cities around the nation to end sexual abuse in parliament and in all institutions. Abuse of power!

The big swinging dicks are weighing this smug, male dominated government down and the end may be nigh. Politicians consider that their concerns are far more important than those of victims of serious sexual abuse. Political damage is more worrying to Morrison’s government than the human damage to Brittany Higgins. The alleged rape occurred during an election year. Men rule the roost in the highest offices across this land and these Alpha males enjoy the stoush. Sexual violence is a fact of life, not worth mentioning for these career politicians.

Women are invited to become politicians, but many have terminated their time in Canberra due to the vile nature of the male dominated competitive atmosphere. Slut shaming and bullying are rife in the corridors of power. Women are welcome to join the fray but may be clobbered by a big swinging dick or a nasty strategy designed deliberately to debilitate them. The slippery pole brings out the worst in most of these besuited Neanderthals – with apologies to these extinct Homos.