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The Golf Book Green Cathedral Dreams

This is a book about golf and in particular why the game of golf is so special. It is a book about why I love the game and why it has captured my passion and imagination. Golf is unlike most other sporting contests in that you play primarily against the course and to a lesser extent against your playing partners and other competing golfers. The lie of the land challenges you from the opening tee shot until the final putt drops. My name is Robert Sudha Hamilton and I have written my first golf book. Cunningly titled The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams it is a paean to the game played with the small, dimpled ball. A new golf book now available at Amazon Kindle.

Great Golf Reading to Inspire Your Game

My intention in writing this book is to get inside some of the magical moments and some of the more humorous aspects of the game of golf. There is an undeniable communing with nature flavour underpinning the game of golf, where the field of play is so massive and majestic. If you love reading and would like to discover more about the psychological side of things this is the book for you. I am a writer by profession and trained as a historian via academia. These methodologies imbue The Golf Book with their discipline and flavour.

Discover The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams

Wild and manicured beauty emanates from golf courses. Some have majestic trees whilst others are bare and wind-blown. Some courses are bordered by water in a variety of forms. Nature is an essential component of golf course architecture. The green cathedral is large and can involve a labyrinth of tree lined fairways and pathways. There is often an undefined element of magic in the air. I call it the green cathedral because of its fairways, which are often bordered by tall trees reaching up toward the sky above.

I play a lot of competitive golf, around five matches a week, so, this is no dilettante’s offering. I have been described as a golf nut by many at my local club, Bribie Island Golf Club, Queensland, Australia. Golf is a game best played often, in my view, if you have any aspirations toward mastering it. Of course golf is an elusive skill to get any kind of handle on. It is frustrating and wonderful in equal measure. The nice surprise when you strike the perfect drive vast distances down the fairway can be matched by the ignominy of missing a three foot putt on the very next green. The Golf Book: Green Cathedral Dreams awaits your reading pleasure.

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