The Liar in The Lodge

The Liar in the Lodge

When they say that Scott Morrison is good at electioneering, it really means he is telling more lies and misdirecting. The PM has been outed as an inveterate liar by members of his own government, the French President, and public servants in Canberra. Once again Morrison is loudly lying and misdirecting the media and public to a beat-up story about China and the opposition leader. The leader of a government that has consistently failed to meet the challenges of a pandemic is attempting to distract the public with conflated made-up narratives about national security. The liar in the Lodge threatens to turn this election into a nasty reflection of his lack of character.

The PM is an Inveterate Liar

Samuel Johnson, told us that, “patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” A desperate coalition government on its last legs is throwing mud at Anthony Albanese in the hope that the electorate will forget about the nearly 800 Australians who have died in aged care over the last 7 weeks. That the electorate will forget about the failures in quarantine and getting the vaccines on time, which cost hundreds and hundreds of lives. Morrison and Peter Dutton are beating the war drums with China, despite the fact that the submarine debacle on their watch means that we will have no viable deterrent for 30 years. This is a government that is all mouth and no action, making plenty of announcements but getting bugger all done.

Morrison’s Lies Fail Australia

Where is the promised legislation for a federal ICAC to stamp out corruption? What about the religious freedom legislation promised by Morrison? This is a government mired in issues around sexual harassment and misconduct, which have directly or indirectly cost Alan Tudge and Christian Porter their jobs. An alleged rape of a staffer in a cabinet minister’s office has stained the reputation of parliament house forever. The Auditor-General has identified the misuse of tax payer money by coalition government ministers for political purposes on multiple occasions. This is a government on the nose at a time when Australia really needs clear leadership coming out of a pandemic.

Billions of dollars have been spent propping up the economy over the last two years. The greatest debt ever established by a federal government in the history of the federation. Can we really afford to have a liar in the Lodge? The Australian electorate deserve to know the facts and a fresh start will reveal the truth of the matter. It is time for a clean slate at the top level of government in this nation. Morrison and Dutton know that the ALP and the LNP are in lockstep on national security, there is no story here. Their hope is that the electorate is too stupid to identify the lies, but an Australian population post pandemic lockdowns may be more savvy than they think. The people will remember the RAT kit debacle, which is ongoing. Aged care issues are ongoing, and people are still dying. The billions of dollars wasted via Job Keeper, where corporations made record profits and kept all that government money. We will remember!

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