Badge - Vote Yes for Aborigines, Australia, 1967

If You Vote No

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If you vote No in the Voice referendum you are voting with the team that brought you Robodebt. Robodebt cost lives and Australian tax payers more than $1.8 billion in a settled class action by plaintiffs. If you vote No you are voting with the team once led by the biggest liar in the history of Australian prime ministers, Scott Morrison. If you vote no you are aligning yourself with the racist community here in Australia. If dog whistling is one of your favourite sports, then, Peter Dutton is your man. Dutton has promised another referendum on the same issue if he is elected PM??? Warren Mundine has promised his push for treaty if you only vote No???? It sounds like these folks will say anything to dissuade you from voting Yes in this referendum about changing the constitution to recognise a Voice to Parliament for First Nations Australians.

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