Hard Noise In The Teenage Years

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I have a confession to make, this fifty something refugee from a life well lived used to be a heavy metal aficionado. Hard noise in the teenage years echoed the testosterone within.

My first rock ‘n roll love was dark and heavy, and the first album I ever bought was a headbanging opus. I was totally into one band and that group was Black Sabbath.

I was nine years old, and I loved the Satan worshipping boys from Britain. Geezer Butler on bass, Tony Iomi on lead guitar, and, yes, Ozzy Osborne on vocals. These were my foot stomping and riff pounding heroes. I prayed at the dark church of the Black Sabbath.

A Thumping Beat Born of Evil

Hard noise and solid sounds were my parameters. Heavy metal was my home ground. My teenage years were a thumping beat born of evil. I painted all the walls of my bedroom black, except for one, which was covered in tin foil. My bong lived in my stinking wardrobe. I wore a black ribbed condom during my first sexual conquest. My friends watched from the window, whilst I lay down with a girl named Footyhead. The condom thing didn’t last long, I would fly unprotected from then on.

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War Pigs & Paranoia

Scintillating riffs screamed out from every Sabbath track on War Pigs, Paranoia, and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

Black Sabbath Vol. 4 was that first LP I purchased at age nine. Hard noise was what my world of music was made of.

When I laid down on sheets stiffened by weeks and months of ejaculate I could feel it crack under the pressure of the decibels. I would not, even, let my parents into my room, when they came up the hallway complaining of the noise. Clouds of marijuana smoke would escape through the crack in the door, as I shut my parents down.

Driving Bass & Drums

Driving bass and drums, stiff pricks and cum wiped up with old footy socks, mates crowding around the bubbling bong, these are the memories of my childhood. Hard noise in the teenage years drove Sunday school down and out from the picture. The cry of an impassioned Ozzy Osborne and the sonic serenade of a Tony Iomi lead guitar riff. Technical Ecstasy became my favourite album as I got older.  It took me years to get into music that wasn’t grounded in a 4/4 beat. Things like the jazz infused Police were anathema to my idea of what rock music was all about. Heavy metal thumped in my veins for years and years.

Words can never do justice to the intense feelings of the time.

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