Morally Bankrupt Russian Religious Leader Backs Putin’s Invasion

Moscow Patriarch

The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow preaches that the invasion of Ukraine is an attack against homosexuality and therefore divinely right. If you want yet another clear-cut example of godless behaviour by a religious leader here it is. Morally bankrupt Russian religious leader backs Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The stupidity of organised religion and the absence of anything but flawed and deluded human beings within them shines brightly out of this example captured by the media covering world events. Churches aligned with totalitarian regimes are despicable organisations and the individuals within them are equally liable for the heinous acts committed by despots like Putin. It reminds me of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome and Germany during Hitler’s reign in the 1930s and 1940s.

Russian Orthodox Church Leader Disgraceful Backing of Invasion

In my view all religions are made up of misguided and sometimes troubled human beings. Human beings who hide behind masks and uniforms. These anachronistic hangovers from primitive times become very dangerous institutions when they are used by regimes to bolster their authority, as in the case of Putin’s Russia. This is an opportunity to call out morally bankrupt behaviour operating under the guise of claiming some bullshit divine status. Wandering around in a robe, with incense, and sporting a long beard does not convey any authenticity. Beware those who dress up for a living because they are hiding their humanity. Morally bankrupt Russian religious leader backs Putin’s invasion of Ukraine due to concerns about gay parades.

Belief in Organised Religion is Oldest Fake News

The belief in an invisible supernatural entity is probably our longest living example of fake news. We live in the 21C and belief in established organised religion remains an unscientific black hole blighting the world. How can you have any concept of truth if you have people believing in things that are not there. What makes it worse is that human beings have made up stories to fill the glaring absence of any god. Ridiculous claims about god’s rules for humankind, which have been made up by more deluded human beings, who lived a long time ago, claiming divine revelation.

If these individuals and ghost writers lived today, they would be locked up and chemically sedated.

Physicists are busily beavering away in search of the indivisible particles, which make up all life. Meanwhile there are proponents of organised religion blithely believing in the words written in holy books they don’t even know the authors of. Supernatural entities don’t write books. Human beings have created and authored all of these codices and scrolls. Fake news has been handed down through the generations. Organised religions inculcate their dogmas and beliefs into children via churches, temples, and religious schools. Why do you think that religions want to run schools in the first place?

A Russian Orthodox Church leader in Moscow backs Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This ‘so-called’ holy man is blessing the blood shedding of innocent women and children in the streets of Ukraine. He would rather see untold death and destruction in an unwarranted invasion of another sovereign nation than any condoning of homosexuality. Religions which claim the moral high ground and poke their nose into the bedrooms of individuals are disgusting hangovers from more primitive times. It is an opportunity to see what these people really are underneath their masks and fancy dress up attire. Religion is not divinely inspired but rather motivated by the desire to control people. Diversity terrifies people like Putin and his ilk.

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