Why Good Copy Is Now Even More Important

Why is good copy now more important than ever before? Good copy, online, and in your digital marketing is absolutely vital to your business. Because print advertising is dead and TV is becoming increasingly irrelevant to consumer choices in the marketplace. Consumers are researching and purchasing online, with their mobile smartphones, ipads and PCs. Never before has it been so important to have an online presence, which reaches the public, and that online presence must be relevant. Today it is all about search and that means ranking on that first page with Google, Bing and Yahoo. The search engines will only rank you highly if you have relevant and quality copy, which informs the market about who,what and where you do what you do.

Combining SEO that works, with copy that reads well, and which is illuminated by the gentle art of persuasion, is the challenge, which confronts you in today’s online market. Information needs to be presented within the structure of critical thinking, naturally guiding your market to the right decision. Good copy is paramount to the successful implementation of contemporary digital marketing strategies. Why is your client or customer going to choose you or your business or product?

Thinking about this question is the first step in creating effective copy.

Today’s sophisticated market demands that you identify who you are. What your product, or service, is and who your target market is.

Your online marketing cannot afford to be uninformed. 



Social Media.


Websites linked within a network of sites.

All of these things depend on good copy. Copy that is informed with an accute awareness of identity, market and the particular publishing platform employed.

Midas Word copywriting services have an awareness of all the aspects of the new digital age. Midas Word are wordsmiths with experience in business and the commercial world.