House Therapy Now in Paperback Edition

House Therapy: Discovering Who You Really Are is now available in paperback via Amazon. For those many readers who like to hold a hard copy in their hands and feel the keen sensation of paper at their fingertips – now you can. This revised edition of House Therapy has been improved and expanded. The link between humans and our houses and what that can reveal about ourselves has never been greater. Each individual room within your domestic abode has something to say about you. It shouts out from the rooftops and whispers within our boudoirs, of things that nobody else knows about us. Do you like to have a room with a view? How much time do you spend in front of the bathroom mirror?

House Therapy Now in Paperback Edition

The answer to these questions can supply some interesting and thought provoking information of a particularly personal nature. Not a book to read aloud in too many social settings; best left to a discretionary and private examination. House Therapy unlocks family secrets and explores their psychological ramifications. A book about you at last! We all love to read things about ourselves. The perfect Christmas gift for the man and woman who has it all. The home is our temple, the place where we sacrifice and pray. Ancient pastimes, which have been modified into twenty first century activities and obsessions.

Hoarding Holds Us Back

“Become aware of the litany of your collection of possessions, don’t just leave it for the executors of your will and family members, deal with it while you are still alive and see if you really wish to hold onto this stuff. It would be good to have an annual clearing day on the calendar, where all individuals are encouraged to reappraise, reengage and possibly recycle their ‘belongings’ (interesting word association as in who belongs to who?). It is not just about throwing away old things, it is a much more involved process and could be awarded a ritualised status to acknowledge that. We invest our energy, feelings, hopes and aspirations in these things and they hold part of us in their grasp, as we have reached out and grasped these things.”

House Therapy is the kind of therapy that you can enjoy in the privacy of your own house or apartment. The walls will look different, every picture and painting reveals a message; and life will never be the same. Knowledge is power: and this book delivers. Get your copy today.