Russians Must Boot Out Putin


Ordinary Russians must boot out Putin and take control of their country. This is the only real solution to the cataclysmic situation the world is faced with. All citizens of sovereign nations are responsible for the kind of governments they have. Allowing a totalitarian regime to prosper in Russia is the responsibility of each Russian. Tipping the world into World War 3 will cost untold lives and threaten the fate of the planet. Putin’s crazed ambitions for a Russian empire are at odds with the direction of human development around the globe. People do not want to be part of these regimes; they want smaller governments that represent them. Ukrainians want to be governed by Ukrainians under the flag of Ukraine.

Citizens of Russia Please Remove Putin

Human beings wherever they are must stand up for humanitarian principles. It is not time to keep your head down. Russians if they do not want to be painted as imperialist invaders must overthrow Putin and find new leadership. It is time to root out the mad and bad man at the helm of their country. For too long this dictator has led Russia in the wrong direction. These power-hungry oligarchs are feathering their own nests at the expense of ordinary Russian citizens. Only Russia can stop Putin if we are not to be cast into a spiral of war involving­ the whole world.

Sanctions Will Impact Russian People

Economic sanctions by Europe and the US will bite eventually, especially if they get really serious about Russian gas and oil. You have to shut off the tap that feeds the bear. Alternative energy sources need to be provided to European nations. These sanctions will impact the Russian people and they must oust their leader in response. Russia will become a pariah of the world and their citizens must do something about that. They should already be ashamed of killing Ukrainians – women and children who are innocents in this unwarranted conflict.

Stand Up Ordinary Russians & Rebel

I call upon ordinary Russians to boot out Putin and recover their standing in the world via new leadership. It is time for the Russian people to stand up to the bully in their midst. Stop being led by a crazed war monger and return your country to peace. Workers could strike and halt the wheels of production in cities around Russia. Brave people could stand up for their Ukrainian brothers and sisters. End the evil of Putin and make Russia something to be proud of on the world stage.

©Midas Word