Text is the Foundation of Search

text is the foundation of search

Lots of people use the internet without understanding how it works. This is not unusual as most of us do not comprehend exactly how many things work. If I asked how electrical current passes from the mains to your device, the majority of folks would say it runs down the electrical wires, which is incorrect. Many of us do not know how computers actually function or many other modern technological devices. So, when I state that text is the foundation of search it may draw blank responses. We do things like type in queries into Google on our phones and tablets for specific things all the time. This involves keyword searches via the algorithms set up by search engines like Bing, Safari, and Google.

Text Remains the Bedrock Underpinning the Search Function

Text or copy provides the language, upon which the search function operates within our smart devices. Therefore, it stands to reason that the copy on your website or social media page is pretty darn important. We all sort of know this but often forget applying this knowledge to our own digital footprint or presence. Businesses often overlook the absolutely integral role that content plays when marketing their services. Content marketing is all about the role that good copy performs in all its digital forms. Text describes products and services in all their detail. The contextual positioning of this descriptive text places these keywords in the most useful spots for the search engine spiders to find them on your behalf. At lightning speeds Google discovers what you are looking for and where you can get it. The search function has revolutionised consumer shopping.

Pay Attention to Keyword Searches

People like to hear a good story but don’t really care about understanding how things like hardware work. All that science and maths stuff is too darn boring and complicated to comprehend. Most human beings prefer the dramatic action over the linguistic levers used to tell the story. The digital realm is full of flashing pixels and bytes on screens. Everyone is in a hurry to get the information they want within seconds. Navigation is for nerds and pinheads. Content marketing strategy places keywords in the right context for maximum conversion rates from successful searches. Good copy delivers useful information to your potential market and reaps the rewards in return. Quality content created via research produces results for all of our clients. It doesn’t take a genius to understand how all this works. You just have to take the time to pay attention. Remember text is the foundation of search.

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