Daughters Dripping Hot Water

As a father of five girls, do you know what I hate the most in the world? Dripping hot water. When I walk into the bathroom, amid the steam and condensation, usually many hours after the first of my daughters has begun the shower sequence, and I ask myself, whether this is my bathroom or a swamp scene from the time of the dinosaurs? And I look down and see dripping hot water from the shower head, and the hot tap at the basin, I silently curse within, and I count the dollars it is costing me.

I call out, “Rachel, did you leave the hot water dripping in the bathroom?”
“It wasn’t me Dad, it must have been Wendy,” comes back the reply.
“Wendy did you leave the shower dripping hot water?”
“No way Daddy, it was probably Bronwyn,” she shouts down the hallway.
“Bronwyn did you leave the hot water tap dripping in the bathroom?”
“You always accuse me of that Dad. I did not, it was Freya,” comes the heated answer.
“Freya, Wendy said that you left the hot water dripping in the bathroom, you know how I feel about that.”
“It wasn’t me it must have been Margaret. You are such a liar Wendy.”
“Margaret did you leave the hot water tap dripping in the bathroom?”
“Margaret? Margaret can you please answer me?”
“Margaret’s gone out,” comes the unison reply from several female voices.

Dripping hot water is one of the most frustrating sights in my domestic world and every now and then, it is due to something faulty, apart from my girl’s lazy sense of environmental responsibility. When it is a worn out washer on the hot tap, that really annoys me, as it is money dripping out of my wallet and disappearing down the sink. Dripping hot water burns a hole in my equilibrium and I suffer vertigo, as I phone the plumber. Dripping hot water must be fixed, as I am not a millionaire, and I cannot fix taps or plumbing.
When you have dripping hot water problems, which are not caused by errant daughters, then I recommend you call a hot water plumber.