Dumb Americans & Trump

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OMG Biden Is Too Old!!!

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President Trump Postlaunch Remarks (NHQ202005300037)
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Trump The Bible Salesman: The End Must Be Nie

Donald Trump is selling $60 bibles to the American public. If you wanted to witness the lowest point of this saga and American popular culture this is pretty close. This guy has no shame because he has a complete absence of integrity in the first place. Trump would sell his own mother if there was a buck in it. He cheats at golf, constantly, which defeats the whole purpose of playing the game. Trump the bible salesman: The end must be nie. The United States of America has become an international laughing stock.

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men standing over an open hatch of a submarine
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Hugh White Hoists Up AUKUS White Flag

Australia has a lousy record when it comes to submarines. It seems submarines bring out the worst in our defence force and our national security aspirations. Hugh White hoists up AUKUS white flag in recent essay. Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies at ANU, Hugh White knows a thing or two about this topic and Australian national security capabilities. Younger Aussies may not remember our ongoing challenges with the Collins class submarines. They may not be au fait with our dalliance with the French in regard to supplying us with submarines pre-AUKUS. The Japanese were in the running there for a while too. Basically, submarines and Australia have a perpetually sinking relationship, it seems.

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Private Wealth Vs The Public Good

Life in Australia, a centrist Westminster democracy, and a mixed economy of both planned and free markets has always been a balance between private wealth and the public good. Today, however, we are seeing the uneven fruits of imbalance in the housing sector in particular. Ever since John Howard brought in the capital gains tax discount some 30 odd years ago – inflation in the residential property market has run riot. It has now reached an apogee of unaffordability for many Australians, most of them younger and losing the aspirational dream of home ownership in their lifetimes. Private wealth vs the public good – tough conversations need to be had to address the severe problems around this matter.

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President Trump Postlaunch Remarks (NHQ202005300037)
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The Myth Of The Almighty Political Leader

In America, there is this really big focus on the President. The myth of the almighty political leader portrays the whole government edifice to be in the hands of just one man. It is a lie; and it contributes to the shitty place we find ourselves in today. Who really thinks that a federal government responsible for managing some 340 million people’s lives is largely run by one person? It is absurd. But it is a narrative pushed by the media and the whole realm of government and related sectors. American history, academia, and the like all push this falsehood upon the American public of pure concentric power..

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The Real America Is A Moral Maelstrom

Rich people in the United States tell poor people, especially poor black people, that their poverty is their own fault. The American ethos celebrates the self-made man. The great American delusion is that every individual has the opportunity to make something of themselves. To achieve greatness by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. That this analogy represents something physically impossible and that it was originally coined as a joke is, perhaps, more telling about America than anything else. Especially as the white folk have rigged the game in their favour a long time back. The real America is a moral maelstrom.

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Trump Evangelicals Are Not Really Christians

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A new study has revealed the fact that many Trump Evangelicals are not really Christians in the sense of church going folk. Their evangelical badge is more a cultural identity as white Christian nationalists than a true faith based calling. It is a very American transition that their Evangelical identity is more of a brand thing in the 21C. Many of these folk do not regularly attend church and their understanding of the gospels in the bible seems scant. How else could they match Trump with Jesus if not by blind ignorance about what is written in the gospels. Similarly how could they justify their guns and threatening behaviours if they were truly Christians?

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Housing Crises Happening All Over The World

There are housing crises happening all over the world. Rents have sky rocketed and property prices are unaffordable for many citizens. Market forces are not meeting the needs of the people. Some operators within the industry are telling us that it is all about a shortage of housing stock. However, houses and property are so expensive now it is no easy thing to just build more houses. Quite simply, the current set up is not working. Providing shelter is a basic prerequisite for governments in their role of looking out for their citizens. The economic settings are making some people wealthy via property ownership and another section of the community poor because of their omission in this regard.

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#UNGA President Donald J. Trump
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The Politics Of Grievance

America is the great democratic experiment. Although, this is getting on for some 250 years now. This nation is in the grip of the politics of grievance. Partisan politics in America is more about hating the other side than particularly loving the side you are voting for. Americans have been encouraged to focus their attention upon their grievances via decades of negative campaigning and attack ads. Demonizing ‘the other’ is the favoured political pastime in the 21C. Identity politics and social values are the main game these days. Economic issues are now seen through this ideological filter.

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Nikki Hayley Don’t Mention The Civil War

The white supremacist Republican Party doesn’t recognise slavery. Hey, that is critical race theory! The warped and distorted truth according to the GOP exists in another dimension entirely from the rest of the world. Nikki Hayley don’t mention the Civil War. The Trumpist GOP marches to the beat of an election denying and coup trying demagogue. A compulsive liar who has spun so many mistruths he is a deflecting destroyer of democracy. The loathsome racist past of America is emerging from the shadows to once again dance on the graves of its many victims. Wilmington, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the decades of lynchings in the South. Memories of the time before!

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The Albanese Prime Ministership So Far
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The Albanese Prime Ministership So Far

Anthony Albanese was an unlikely choice for Australia to elect as PM. During his campaign in 2022 gaffes were front and centre. The press pack descended upon these like hungry wolves in search of blood. If Scott Morrison had not been outed as such a compulsive liar and his Coalition government not soiled in Robodebt and Brittany Higgins’ merde, well, you know the story. Albo waltzed into office on a fresh bouquet of wattle bringing with him the hopes of Aussie progressives. Nearly 10 years of LNP incompetence and corruption had left us short of breath for an optimistic future. The Albanese Prime Ministership so far, however, is losing its shine, it seems.

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Democratic Elections Stand Against Tyranny

How can you have a candidate running for office in an election who continually claims that the electoral system has been defrauded? Surely, all candidates must respect the electoral process publicly? If a candidate is undermining the democratic basis of the electoral system it must make him or her unfit to stand. Democratic elections stand against tyranny. America is deficient in its laws governing the character and behaviour of those taking part in presidential elections. Trump has been allowed to go about falsely claiming that he won the 2020 election but was cheated out of office. Numerous enquiries have found no evidence for this. These include investigations paid for by his own legal team. There was no defrauding of the election – it is the big lie!

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white house
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Americans Looking For Someone To Blame

Listening to some talking heads in the US there seems to be a collective downer across this once great nation. The diminishing American hegemony has quite a few gnashing their teeth and crying ‘poor me’. Of course, the Trump cult has this populist blowhard claiming he can arrest the slide by closing the borders and deporting people. Donald the compulsive liar is hoping to pout his way back into the White House. Americans looking for someone to blame for their less than stellar place in the world is putting their nation on a civil war footing.  

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The Golden Rule Of Present Giving At Xmas

Yes, it is that time of the year again, Season’s Greetings! Do you know the golden rule of present giving at Xmas? It is an undeniable truth that showering your love and generosity upon others can make you feel mighty good. The power of giving is often sold short in our economically obsessed world view. Economists don’t like ‘giving’ as a concept, it must be said, they find it simply uneconomical. It does not fit in with their strict interpretation of how markets and the world works. Neoliberalism would choke into its empty trickle down effect vessel if too much giving went on in the economy.

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Time To End The Two Party System?

Right now, is it time to end the two party system? The ideological polarisation between sides is so great now that the country is stuck most of the time in the middle of a fight. Party members and their supporting voters don’t believe anything that comes out of the mouth of those on the opposing side. Partisans take their news from those media organisations subjectively on their side. Truth has been sidelined by manipulative forces hellbent on muddying the waters wherever possible. The nation is in a mess and is bedevilled by party politics to such an extent that it is mired in lies and fake news.

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Trump’s America

Any sane person watching on has concern enough to be worried about Trump’s America. The very fact that this guy is still the leading GOP candidate for the 2024 presidential election is a judgement on the American people. Despots and dictators don’t rise to power without the help of the people. Everybody knows that Donald J Trump is a liar and a cheat. I mean, the guy is compulsive in both these character failings. More concerning is that he has broken the law on numerous occasions and has managed to avoid prosecution or conviction. No one voting for Trump is truly unaware of who is and how he goes about business.

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